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4 Cities. 3. Regions. 2. Days. 1 mission – To empower, equip and educate entrepreneurial millennials of faith!

The Passion is Pursuit Conference is the ONLY entertainment and media business conference for entrepreneurial millennials of faith. This two-day experience will be filled with life-changing workshops, panel discussions, keynote presentations, a vendor market, professional networking, live entertainment, and so much more! You will “Go, Grow, & Glow!” in your purpose as we inspire, inform, and ignite your inner Passioneer.

What is a Passioneer?

The better question is “who?” and that who is you! Founder of the Passion is Pursuit Conference, Cassondra Lenoir, coined the term. She also created the following definition for passion. “Passion is the driving force in one’s life. It’s the thing that keeps you dedicated, motivated, and focused in striving to achieve greatness.” For Cassondra, a pioneer is defined as a person who is among the first to explore or settle in a new space – whether physically, mentally, spiritually, relationally, or financially. Ultimately, a Passioneer is someone who through pursuing their passions charters new territory. It isn’t necessarily unchartered territory, but they are the first of their kind to do it – be it, the first in their family, friends, generation, etc. Passioneers pretty much figure out which route to take through life’s journey by following the burning desire from within. Passioneers understand that impossible is nothing. They continuously turn their can’ts into cans, dreams into plans, and visions into their reality because they understand that the proof of PASSION IS PURSUIT. And most importantly, once Passioneers arrive to this new space, they then prepare the way for others to follow.

Who's Speaking?

Cassondra Lenoir

Cassondra Lenoir

Founder / CEO / Keynote Speaker

Rick Hoskins

Rick Hoskins

Workshop Facilitator

Malik Mack

Malik Mack


Would you like to be a featured speaker at this year’s conference?

Our goal is to bridge the gap between young and established professionals, so whether you’ve been professionally speaking for years or you’re just beginning, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Each city will include local speakers. Submit your request below.

Conference Itinerary

#SessionSpeaker(s)TimePassion Pillars
1RegistrationConference Bonus 08:00 AM-
2Opening PerformanceConference Bonus 8:50 AM -
3Prayer/Meditation PreludeConference Bonus 8:55 AM-
4Opening Keynote | Move Different in Thinking: Change your mind, Change your lifeCassondra Lenoir 9:00 AMSacrifice
5Listen and Learn Workshop | Move Different in Business: The Legalities, Marketing, Strategy, and Social MediaKenneth M. Willis 9:50 AMCommunication
6PerformanceConference Bonus 10:35 AM-
7Interactive Workshop | Move Different in Power: The Power of Networking and It's Affect on Your Net WorthConference Bonus 10:50 AMAmbition
8Lunch BreakConference Bonus 11:35 AM-
9Expert Panel | Millennial Movers: Entertainment, Media, Community MoversMalik Mack , Merrick Lee , Joshua Walker , Charell Strong , Leonardo Cavalli 1:00 PMFriendship
10PerformanceConference Bonus 1:55 PM-
11Listen and Learn Workshop | Move Different in Branding: Securing Sponsorships & Partnerships and the Life-Changing Benefits of Products and MerchandiseAnthony Frasier 2:10 PMConfidence
12BreakConference Bonus 2:55 PM-
13Interactive Workshop | Move Different in Financial FreedomRick Hoskins 3:10 PMVision
14PerformanceConference Bonus 4:00 PM-
15Closing Keynote | Move Different with Passion: Core Creations - Who am I? Passion. Purpose. Profit.Cassondra Lenoir 4:15 PMHustle
16Closing PerformanceConference Bonus 5:00 PM-
17BreakConference Bonus 5:05 PM-
18Night Session Begins (Bonus Session) | Speed NetworkingConference Bonus 7:00 PM-
19Pillar Talk w/ Roni & Caleb – Creators of the Emmy Nominated, “The Tough Love Series”Caleb Davis & Roni Simpson 7:30 PMHope
20Pillar Talk Q&ACassondra Lenoir 8:00 PM-
21It's a Wrap! | Prayer and Goodnight!Cassondra Lenoir 8:30 PM-



Come listen and interact with your peers making major moves in an array of different industries.


Meet and connect with tastemakers and influencers to build lasting and meaningful relationships


A conference for young people of faith, come and commune with your peers who share your spiritual beliefs.


Meet and interact with our sponsors many of which will have FREE swag for you to have just for going over and speaking with them.

Conference Only Tickets
  • includes admission to the Passion is Pursuit Conference and everything included in itinerary. (*VIP ticket includes signed copy of Cassondra Lenoir’s book – From Nothing to New York.)

Must Have Valid Student ID.

Weekend Pass
  • includes admission to both the Passion is Pursuit Conference and Sunday’s Brunch, Vision Board Workshop, and Book Signing! (*VIP ticket includes signed copy of BOTH of Cassondra Lenoir’s book – From Nothing to New York and The Passion is Pursuit Devotional.)

Deadline: June 16th

Deadline: June 16th

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the conference being held?

New York City!

When is the conference?

June 24, 2017

Will the conference be streamed online?

Yes! You can attend the conference online by registering HERE!

What’s the dress code?

The goal is always to represent your best, right? Whether your best is a business suit or jeans and heels – Be fly. Be comfortable. And most importantly, Be YOU.

Will food be provided?

Food will not be provided, however there will be breaks provided to enjoy nice restaurants in the area.

Are conference tickets refundable?

Unfortunately, all tickets are non-refundable. You are definitely able to transfer your ticket to a friend!

Are there any vendor opportunities?

Of course! Click HERE!

Are you ready to join us?

What are you waiting for? Come experience a great time!

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What to expect at the conference

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